Best Place for Pet Lovers

The Cheeky Puppy
1709 Connecticut Ave. NW, (202) 621-8868
Photograph by Charles Steck
Here’s how to know if The Cheeky Puppy is the right store for you: Your Instagram account is exclusively pictures of your beagle; you begin stories with, “My cat did the funniest thing this weekend!”; and/or @dog_rates is your favorite Twitter account, which means you rate everything in your life (“11/10 cute af. Would attempt to snug.”). The Cheeky Puppy contains supplies that will keep your pet happy and healthy (treats! eco-friendly toys! doggie toothbrushes!). It is also a place that celebrates the crazy enthusiasm of pet ownership. This store understands why you want to own a West Highland White Terrier umbrella, clock, and pillow. They recognize your unabashed joy. These are your people.

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