Best Place for Contemporary Witches to Shop on a Budget

Georgia Beauty Supply
3659 Georgia Ave. NW, (202) 882-9660
In the window of this shop are three rows of mannequin heads, decked out in lurid hair pieces and festooned with odd objects (I’ve seen a single well-worn shoe languishing in this display case, for example). The gallery of severed heads should be a clue: Valkyries might shop here. Inside, you’ll find the stuff of transformation, both physical and metaphysical. Hair extensions, eyelashes, costume jewelry, and gel, yes, but also colored candles, incense, and vampy nail polish colors. This is not the place to look if you are a crunchy-granola-chemical-avoidant beauty supply shopper. This is where you go when you are a true believer in the transcendent power of self-care, or at least in the transcendent power of lipstick that stays on your face all day, as if by magic (L.A. Girl makes one that wears like latex house paint, and I think it’s about $5). “This store has it ALL” says a decal on the window. It’s true on many levels.

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