Best Washington Tailor for D.C. Residents

Sammy Lee Tailor Shop
615 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, #2, (202) 543-9292
Sammy Lee is best known as the tailor to members of Congress, his cramped, second-floor shop on Pennsylvania Avenue SE located about a mile from the Capitol. But just because Lee alters the suits and dresses of the people who continue to deny D.C. autonomy doesn’t mean you should stay away out of protest. On the contrary, this is one part of Washington that residents of the District should take advantage of. Lee is a master who can completely take apart a dress and put it back together looking (and fitting) better than new. The prices match the quality and speed of the service, so if your issue is a missing button or an undone hem, you could go elsewhere. But if you have a treasured piece of clothing (like the 1960s blue chiffon dress I took to Lee for a major alteration) then the cost is worth it for the peace of mind and end result.

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