Best Store to Help With Your Couch to 5K Program

Fleet Feet Sports
1841 Columbia Road NW, (202) 387-3888
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
It’s okay that you ate nothing but carbs this winter. It snowed, it was freaking cold, and House Of Cards season 3 came out. All is understood and excused. However, it just might be time to pull yourself off that sofa, brush off the Dorito dust, and make a plan to get that body moving. Don’t know where to begin? Start with the staff at Fleet Feet. You don’t have to have previous running experience to get the help or product(s) you need. Employees are driven and dedicated to their respective sports, but absolutely welcome newbies. (Sample dialogue that is acceptable includes phrases and half-mumbled questions like, “I need the shoes. To put on the feet? For the run?” They will actually treat that garbled nonsense as a legitimate request—don’t ask how I know.) You will find people who are knowledgeable, encouraging, and will tell stories about their personal fitness experiences. Because it helps when a totally ripped sales associate says, “When I started out I had a hard time running one block.” That type of testimonial is nothing short of inspiring.

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