Best Short Haircut

2905 M St. NW, (202) 333-9872
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

D.C. is a long hair city—extensions, blowout bars, and keratin treatments abound, and while the K Street and Capitol Hill sets are known for their fairly staid lookbook (helmet hair is alive and well in the halls of power), District locals are starting to push the sartorial boundaries.

But God help you if you’re a woman looking for a great short cut. My journey to find a good chop has been fraught with peril at every turn. There was the salon where the stylist was so afraid to give me “a boy cut,” I had to select a lock of hair, hold it up, and tell her where to start. There was the salon where no one knew how to dry my short hair, so I left with a wet head. There was the salon that wanted to charge me almost $300 for the cut—not including color. There have been tears and so many terrible (or worse: mediocre) haircuts along the way.

Then I found Evolve. It’s the D.C. home of the classic Parisian cut: stylish, but not trendy, flattering, but not self-conscious. Cuts (they do men and women) are unfussy, beautifully done, and will grow out elegantly, but Sophie is the queen of short, feminine style. And yes, there’s a girly crop for every hair type: curly, fine, coarse, processed, and beyond. To get the most of your experience, surrender to the vision of the woman with the scissors, and don’t come in asking for something just because it’s what you’ve always had. The salon itself is tiny—just three chairs—but prepare for it to feel like a second home. If you have cropped hair, that means you’re in the chair every five to six weeks like clockwork, so you’ll be happy this hidden gem smells beautiful and sends you out the door feeling like a million euros.

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