Best Reason to Take Your Shoes Off

Flight Trampoline Park
7200 Fullerton Road, Springfield, (703) 260-7705
Trampolines, like boats, are things that you want your friends to have but you really don’t want to own yourself. But why wish that hassle on anyone? Instead, go to Flight Trampoline Park in Springfield, one of a growing number of trampoline facilities in the booming adult regression space. It’s mostly aimed at kids—there’s even a discount for homeschoolers—but adults are the ones who can really take advantage of a trampoline’s bounce, thanks to their weight. Inside Flight, floors and some walls have been trampolined, so jumpers can play high-altitude dodgeball and pull tricks. A basketball hoop offers a chance to relive all of your Spike TV SlamBall dreams. For late-night trampoliners, there’s “Club Flight,” the awkwardly named event where the bouncy surfaces are lit up with overhead lights. It’s all of the fun of a trampoline, with none of the dead grass.

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