Best Place to Take Your Dog When He’s Acting Kind of Weird, but It’s Probably Nothing, but Maybe It’s Something, and What If It’s the Worst?!

Dupont Veterinary Clinic
2022 P St. NW, (202) 466-2211
Nervous pet owners, this place is for you. Is your dog looking forlorn? Do you sense your cat has a death wish? Did your lizard just barf, and you can’t tell why? Get thee to Dupont Veterinary Clinic, where your neuroses will not be judged and your fears will be assuaged by any one of the very capable vets on staff. They will administer treats to your animal, who in all likelihood is probably fine, and they will look into your eyes, you who are probably fine but may need to talk to a different kind of professional, and tell you things are going to be OK. You can cradle your animal for a few minutes in the exam room. If you piddle nervously on the floor, you can say it was your pet. They’ll smile and nod. And on a practical note, they send postcard reminders for vaccinations, plus follow-up calls after shots to see how your animal is reacting. But what if the worst has happened? Your dog has consumed antifreeze, your cat has swallowed a crayon? Does he need life-saving surgery? Will it come out the other end in a few days? Your vet will offer a range of treatment options from “Panicked First-Time Pet Owner, Please Take All My Money” to “Well, Bitsy Is Getting On In Years, Maybe It’s Her Time.” This clinic works closely with Friendship Animal Hospital if major emergency care is needed, and they do follow-up calls to check in after a procedure. I get the sense they are also listening for a telltale twinge of panic in your voice. It’s going to be OK.

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