Best Place to Go Shoe Shopping but Leave Empty-Handed

DSW Georgetown
3222 M St. NW, (202) 971-7000
To get here, enter an empty-looking storefront and take the downstairs escalator, following signs to the Georgetown Department of Motor Vehicles. A practically hidden entrance usually precedes a practically hidden shopping gem, but this DSW is practically the opposite: Never in your life can you look at so many shoes and see so little inspiration. Brace yourself for row upon row of sensible heel heights in black and brown. Evening footwear? Gold. Handbags? Square. It’s as if a corporate office got together to brainstorm this inventory and decided D.C. lacks appetite for anything but cubicle garb. It’s devastatingly boring—you’d have a better time at the DMV. Leave the way you came in and cleanse your palette with something borderline insane at John Fluevog, Dr. Martens, or Buffalo Exchange.

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