Best Place to Get Fantastic Lighting for Your Apartment

Urban Essentials
1401 14th St. NW, (202) 299-0640
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Have you ever been to a friend’s place for the first time but felt as though you had in fact been there before? You (probably) aren’t experiencing a glitch in the matrix: Our interiors are all starting to look alike because everyone within a 20-mile radius is buying the same furniture from the same big box retailers. Now’s the time to call on Urban Essentials. This independent furniture store in Logan Circle has a smattering of sophisticated-but-useful offerings like comfy chairs, wall art, and outdoor dining sets, but this store really shines (pun intended) with its lighting selection. Modern chandeliers, sconces, floor arc lamps, and table lamps are contemporary in design but still fit a wide variety of home interior styles. Now your lighting choices can go beyond utilitarian and become an extension of your home’s style. And what better way to get your apartment on a new wavelength?

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