Best Place to Get a Housewarming Gift

American Holiday
1319 Wisconsin Ave. NW, (202) 684-2790
Your best friend had a baby, your cousin moved into a new condo, and it’s your boss’ birthday next Friday. Basically, you are in gift-giving freak-out mode. Fear not, friend, because American Holiday is here to help. This Georgetown store will solve your gift conundrums, but that’s not even the best part. Prices are actually—wait for it—affordable. Not in the “oh, this blanket is only $450” kind of way a certain Goop editor will try to pass off as reasonable, but in the realm of “wait, these salt and pepper shakers are $12?” or “these adorable Jack Russell Terrier bookends are less than $40!” The shop recently relaunched—freshly painted and redecorated—with some higher price points. Merchandise now includes more furniture, but items are well-selected and unique. A drafting table that can be utilized as a dining table sports a $1,195 price tag. It’s such a fantastic and clever piece you might just hand over a chunk of this month’s rent to bring it home.

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