Best Place to Get a Flat Bike Tire Fixed

700 5th St. NW, (202) 962-0123
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
For something that can be explained in a two-minute eHow video, fixing a flat bike tire is a real pain. Your thumbs will hurt for an hour, and there’s a good chance you’ll overlook whatever malfunction caused the flat in the first place and end up with another cut tube. For bike shop employees, on the other hand, it’s easy. So why do so many of them make such a hassle about it? Are they not getting paid? Like dentists, many bike shop workers are openly disdainful of people who don’t show the same scruples about the thing that’s become their life’s work. Not so at BicycleSPACE, where the staff’s unusual friendliness (for a bike shop) also applies to the simple, but arduous, task of putting on a new tube. Getting them to fix your tire will cost a few more dollars, but the saved time—and thumbs—are worth it. Even better, they won’t roll their eyes at you for asking.

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