Best Place to Buy Old Video Games

14225 Sullyfield Circle, Chantilly, (703) 941-0165
You might not know or care which Call of Duty kill simulator is popular right now, but you probably remember your first video game console with a degree of fondness. There’s something so nostalgic about those old, gray, blocky things and, if you’re anything like me, you’d pay a decent sum of money to recapture those early mornings you spent mashing buttons on a rectangular controller in your family den. Luckily, there’s an outlet for that: eStarland, a veritable bazaar of childhood gaming memories. Though the company does most of its business through an online storefront, it maintains a sizeable retail storefront located in the back of a nondescript Chantilly business park. Step inside the emporium and you’ll be faced with a warehouse stacked floor to ceiling with five aisles of Atari games, Super Nintendos, and Sega Geneses of all different makes and models. Unlike the used games found in dingy record stores or at the bottom of thrift store bins, eStarland’s games are decent in quality and always playable. And in the rare event that you can’t find something to pique your interest, the store’s knowledgeable staffers can help you locate and order your game or peripheral of choice online.

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