Best Place for a Non-Judgmental Manicure

Angelo M
615 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (202) 543-0215
If you look at my nails currently, you would perhaps not trust me to give manicure advice. But this blurb is directed at the men and women who feel intimidated by the prospect, partially, because their nails look a mess. I wanted a manicure for a special event but hadn’t been to a salon for that purpose in several years. I picked Angelo M Nails because of the solid Yelp reviews and its location: I doubt a salon could stay open in fancy neighborhood like Capitol Hill unless it provided quality services. (“I work for Senator so-and-so! He’s gonna hear about this sloppy pedicure!”) Beyond walking out with really lovely Navy blue nails, the experience did not make me feel foolish because I wasn’t up-to-date on manicure procedures and etiquette. My manicurist helped me relax my wrists, put my fingers in the proper places, and avoid getting polish on my coat (which I initially failed to remove). She also did not begrudge me when I tried to tip her with my credit card, only to find out tips were only accepted in cash. One trip to the ATM later and I had successfully completed my experience. The event was so great that I’ve even been back since, despite having nowhere to go and no one to impress but my dog.

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