Best Newsstand

The Newsroom in Dupont Circle
1803 Connecticut Ave. NW, (202) 332-1489
Walk into The Newsroom on Connecticut Avenue NW north of Dupont Circle and you might confuse it for a deli or souvenir shop. Yes, the staff makes sandwiches to order and sells nationalistic paraphernalia, but its real draw appears when you walk through a narrowed doorway and are met with thousands of pages of reading material. The sheer abundance of material is shocking—print is supposed to be dying, right?—but for journalism nerds or anyone with a niche interest, The Newsroom is overwhelmingly exciting. Looking for European editions of fashion magazines? How about African political magazines published in French? Obscure business journals? It’s all there, along with your Peoples, Vanity Fairs, and Atlantics. The best part is searching for one specific title and inevitably finding three or four additional publications you’ve just got to have. After all, you’ll need lunchtime reading material to pair with the turkey sandwich that’s waiting for you up front.

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