Best Home Decor Store

1428 U St. NW, (202) 986-3640
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
If you’re lucky enough to own an apartment—or at least have rented one you don’t already want to move out of—ditch your Ikea and Target furniture and make this shop your first stop in town. GoodWood offers a well-curated selection of beautiful, solid vintage pieces for surprisingly fair prices. The furniture tends toward a darker palette—think stained woods and leathers paired with jewel-toned rugs—and the pieces often have a lived-in, rustic feel. The expert staging helps you imagine these one-of-a-kind pieces finding a home in your home. In addition to furniture, it’s got a range of smaller decor items: vintage artwork, lamps and rugs, pillows, serveware, and beyond. It’s often less expensive than some other, more picked-over furniture stores in the U Street NW area, and if you can’t find a piece of furniture you like (or your studio is already crammed to the rafters), there’s plenty else to catch your eye. GoodWood describes itself as an “American mercantile and dry goods store,” a phrase that calls to mind hard tack and lard by the pound, but the goods on offer are decidedly decorative. I’m always hard-pressed to leave without a candle, unique piece of jewelry, or dress catching my eye. New items arrive on Thursdays, and their delivery service is excellent.

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