Best Fake Nails

Silk Wraps by Vicky’s Nails
1616 Wisconsin Ave. NW, (202) 342-0406
Dolly Parton is the undisputed OG of fake nails—she somehow plays guitar with pointy, lacquered talons, and wrote “9 to 5” by clacking her digits against a table (or so her story goes) and writing a song around the beat. It’s a daunting look, but if you’ve never had fake nails, this is a very easy way try it out: Go to Vicky’s and ask for silk wraps, which are like fake nails with training wheels and minimal commitment. A technician will cut small squares of delicate fabric and glue them to the surface of your natural nail, then harden everything with layers of clear liquids and mysterious powders. It takes a while: Consult the receptionist specifically but 90 minutes for the initial application wouldn’t be out of the question. The result is a set of long tips that look totally natural and don’t feel as heavy as acrylic nails. A coat of polish on these babies will easily last as long as gels. Don’t get these if you do hard work with your hands—typing is totally fine, car washing or gravedigging would not work—and if you get sick of the tune-ups you’ll need every two weeks, you can have them removed easily with minimal damage to your natural nails. Services aside, Vicky’s is a little slice of heaven—cheerful yellow interior, homey touches, ultra-friendly technicians, and an excellent range of polishes and colors. Their customer loyalty program is unusual for a nail salon (spend $300 and get a free manicure), and if you love this place as much as I do, it will get a workout.

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