Best Eyebrow Threading

Unique Eyebrows in Union Station
50 Massachusetts Ave. NE
The best eyebrow threading in D.C. isn’t found in a traditional storefront, but at a kiosk on the mezzanine level of Union Station. This shouldn’t be a problem unless you object to having hair ripped out of your face in the middle of bustling transit center as frazzled people with rolling suitcases whiz by. Unique Eyebrows charges $10 for the pleasure of removing just those hairs around your eyes that society has deemed superfluous, but the lower price does not equal a lower quality than other options in town. It’s quick and nearly painless, and I’ve never had a bad result. (I had half an eyebrow waxed off before my senior prom, so I’m familiar with rough eyebrow experiences.) I always feel a little bit guilty for spending my somewhat limited extra cash on threading, but the low price and, if I say so myself, handsome result takes some of the sting out.

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