Best Dentist’s Office in Which to Run into a Local Reporter

Dr. Kham
1112 16th St. NW, #340, (202) 628-9450
What is it about Dr. Kham that makes him so popular with journalists? Maybe it’s that, like journalists of the modern age, he does it all himself, serving as the dentist, hygienist, and, on occasion, receptionist. Maybe we reporters, accustomed to listening more than talking, don’t really mind the one-sided conversation he carries on so well. Or maybe he’s just simply the kindest dentist around, and we’re lucky to have gotten the scoop. Whatever it is, newsrooms are well represented in his office. This fall, nearly half of the Washington City Paper editorial staff was going to Dr. Kham. Then half of those patients decamped for the Washington Post, where they’re surely spreading the gospel. We reporters may not have the best insurance or personal hygiene, but we’re good at getting the word out.

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