Best Children’s Clothing Store

Little Birdies Boutique
3236 P St. NW, (202) 333-1059
Have you ever seen something so adorable you want to curl up into a little ball and die from its overwhelming cuteness? That sums up entering Georgetown’s Little Birdies Boutique. This imaginative store focuses on children’s clothing, accessories, and toys for the little darlings in your life. Owner Shanlee Johnson selects products with great care: Blankets are soft on newborn skin, wall art brightens an entire nursery, and dishware is practical enough for daily use. And just when you think you’ve got this retailer all figured out, she surprises you with Bob Dylan, Neil Young, John Lennon, and Aerosmith onesies, which will make your kid the sweetest, hippest 6-month-old on the block.

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