Best Shoeshine Stand

Union Station Shoe Shine
50 Massachusetts Ave. NE, (888) 279-9135 ext. 1
If you get your shoes or boots shined at the shoeshine stand on Union Station’s Amtrak concourse, don’t be surprised if random tourists take your photograph. You’re just as much part of the show as the guys who work the stand, who claim more than 100 years of combined service. From this elevated perch near Gate F, you can see all walks of life pass by—or, inevitably, all the testy, anxious Amtrak passengers queuing up along the length of the concourse. Just be careful of two things: If you have a train to catch, it’s best to budget in enough buffer time to ensure you don’t miss your departure. And try not to tap your feet to the beats of Chuck Brown and Marvin Gaye coming from the stand’s portable radio. You’ll probably interfere with the good work the guys are putting into your footwear.