Best Place to Lose Your Mind

Forever 21
1025 F St. NW, (202) 347-0150
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Forever 21 is not a place to leisurely peruse carousels of flowy dresses. Bass-heavy remixes of Top 40 songs induce seizures on every floor of the mammoth store, while customers maniacally dig through the packed racks of fast-fashion. One could spend an hour clawing through crop tops before finding something that is not literally falling apart at the seams. When a promising piece of clothing finally presents itself, do not be surprised to learn that what appeared to be a floral skirt is actually a maternity top that has somehow found its way out of the Love21 Maternity section. And prepare to get lost. The displays are repeated on multiple floors, preventing shoppers from easily recognizing on which floor they’re currently losing their minds. Don’t bother looking for an employee to ask directions.