Best Organic Spray Tan

Nectar Skin Bar Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tan
1633 Wisconsin Ave. NW, (202) 333-4332
The cosmetic perils of spray tanning include streaking, staining, orangeness, and smelliness, though the average spray tanner also risks financial distress (faux glow doesn’t come cheap) and loss of reputation (should one run in a circle that sneers at spray tanning). Enter Nectar’s Chocolate Sun Organic Sunless Tan. Individually applied by a trained technician, the sugar-based treatment won’t rub off on clothes and, barring a rainstorm as one exits the salon, doesn’t streak. Most exceptionally, the scent—light, discreet, and yes, a touch chocolatey—evokes an upscale sweets shop more than a suburban tanning booth. The treatment solves the sensory problems of the typical sunless tan, but at 50 bucks a pop for an “organic spray tan,” one’s wallet and rep can’t be helped.