Best Minigolf

East Potomac Park
972 Ohio Dr. SW, (202) 479-2596
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Back when Sochi was a retreat for high-ranking Soviet officials, it might’ve included an attraction like the miniature golf course at East Potomac Park, the most severe-looking putt-putt you’ll ever see. But if the course’s vaguely Brutalist-looking obstacles appear depressing—there’s no windmill, clearly a capitalist indulgence—it offers a surprisingly good time. The view, of Washington Channel, is fantastic. You can play while drinking a beer obtained from the nearby golf clubhouse and feel no reticence about getting wasted: There will be few other golfers for you to disturb. And if you want a mulligan? The odds that the sole staffer on duty will stop you are slimmer than the shaft of your putter.