Best Framer

Best: Gary Taylor Fine Art and Framing
1843 Columbia Road NW, (202) 483-5853
2nd Best: You
Gary Taylor has been mounting and framing pictures for 44 years. He started when he was 13 years old and growing up in Silver Spring. “I used to mow my next-door neighbor’s lawn and he was an old-time picture framer,” he says. “He took me up to his store and started me out doing the crud work—the nail-hole filling, and mounting, and one thing led to another.” Taylor does just about everything at his store, which he has operated for 34 years, whether it’s greeting customers to picking the perfect fit for your photo to doing much of the crud work. Taylor doesn’t mess around. He offers everything from basic metal frames to 23-karat gold-leaf frames and he uses the same mounting materials and glass that museums use. So you can expect it to last. “It’s an art form,” he says. “It’s not just a good frame. It’s also a good design.” So forget about taping up that Monet or Toulouse-Lautrec print. You can make your apartment stand out by having your family photos and travel shots expertly framed. One warning: Taylor loves to talk. So expect more than just a frame job—expect to learn a little bit about D.C. history, the Skins, and his family. You, on the other hand, will not do as good a job, and your stories are not very interesting.