Best Absurd Window Displays

Best: Juicy Couture
3034 M St. NW, (202) 337-4131
2nd Best: American Apparel
3025 M St. NW, (202) 572-0166
So really, how did this one get past the Georgetown ANC? Somehow, the board recently ruled that a North Face store’s sign, which featured a large red stripe, stood out too much for the neighborhood—but the American Apparel that opened up on M street over the summer has managed to get away with a building-sized, skimpily-clad model reclining across the storefront façade. Those aren’t the only delights that Dov Charney’s newest D.C. outpost has to offer: a window display of mannequins grows more and more bizarre with each fashion season, featuring seafoam-green jeans for men, head-to-toe coordinated metallic outfits, and, around the holidays, a male mannequin inexplicably dressed in the style of Robin Hood (perhaps a social commentary on the financial crisis?). Juicy Couture, on the other hand, chooses straight-up fantasy, featuring in recent months all of the following: a mannequin wearing a toy castle as a hat, a full-sized knight in shining armor, and kilts that were not actually sold in the store.