Best White Tablecloth Spot for a Beer

1015 7th St. NW, (202) 737-7700
While you might not find a physical white tablecloth at Kinship, you will find white napkins and a Michelin star. Keep your thirst for the beverage of the barbarians, because unlike some fine dining restaurants, Chef Eric Ziebold’s beverage team doesn’t turn their nose up at beer. A top pick from the beer list is Kulmbacher Edelherb Pils, voted the best Pilsner in Germany by German beer drinkers. If eating some of Kinship’s richer dishes, opt for a “Christmas Night Cap” from Belgium’s Slaapmutske. Or try a coffee-infused Imperial Stout, Péché Mortel, from Montreal’s Dieu du Ciel. At 9.5 percent ABV, 11.5 ounces is all you’ll need.