Best Soup For a Vegetarian Jew

Prescription Chicken’s Veggie Matzoh Ball Soup,
Matzoh ball soup is something I’ve long been craving since I gave up meat several years ago, yet my grandma says it would “ruin” her recipe if she used vegetable broth. If you grew up in a Jewish household, you know how meat-centric the cuisine is. Even the non-meaty dishes, like matzoh ball soup, have ingredients (chicken broth) that are a no-go for vegetarians and vegans. It’s just kind of a given that any matzoh ball soup you’d order in a Jewish deli will be cooked in chicken broth. So thank G-d for Prescription Chicken’s chickenless matzoh ball soup, which utilizes veggie broth in favor of chicken broth for a truly hearty soup—just like your bubbe’s recipe. Order it on Postmates, Uber Eats, DoorDash, or GrubHub.