Best Pie

Key Lime Pie at Pie Sisters
3423 M St. NW, (202) 338-7437
Much has been written lately about the deterioration of institutions in American society. The public’s confidence in Congress, the press, organized religion, and other pillars of American civil society has faded. Another indicator of civilizational decline is on display nearly every day on the westernmost stretch of M Street NW in Georgetown. The supply of people willing to wait in a long line outside Georgetown Cupcake seems endless, ever replenishing. Yet a few hundred feet down the street, it’s often possible to walk into Pie Sisters and head straight to the counter to order. I’ll leave it to the sociologists to explain why so many people seem to have lost faith in the once-prominent American institution of pie. Restore yours by eating a slice of Pie Sisters’ Key lime pie, with its buttery graham-cracker crust and a heap of whipped cream that cuts the sweetly sour lime filling. Those unwilling to venture to the ends of Georgetown can also find the shop’s Key lime pie available on the dessert menu at Medium Rare in Cleveland Park and Barracks Row.