Best Culinary Heel

Alessandro Borgognone
Donald Trump agitates people in the District. So does the idea that Washington is a one-stoplight town that imports its best stuff from elsewhere (ideally, New York). It’s restaurateur-slash-provocateur Alessandro Borgognone’s genius to combine both slams, pitching his new branch of Sushi Nakazawa in the Trump International Hotel—a location that’s proved too hot for other restaurants—as a civilizing mission for the capital city. In a November interview, Borgognone bragged that he’d bring high-end sushi to D.C., which he characterized as a “steakhouse town” (Michelin-rated Sushi Taro would probably disagree). But putting his restaurant in the Trump hotel might prove even more controversial. When celeb chef Anthony Bourdain said he’d never eat in Borgognone’s new restaurant, Borgognone shot back: Bourdain, in his telling, is a “glorified line cook on CNN.”