Best Beer and Shot Combo

Happy Meals at Barrel
613 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (202) 543-3622
Order a beer and shot combo at most bars in D.C. and you’ll get what you expect: a can of a cheap regional lager and a small pour of rail whiskey. That option will get you buzzed but it’s so predictable, it’s boring. Eastern Market whiskey bar Barrel ups the ante by offering four unique combinations on its “Happy Meal” menu. Purists can opt for the Shift Drink (Narragansett with Mellow Corn) or the World’s Best Dad (Bud Heavy and Old Granddad). Drinkers who want to avoid brown stuff can pick from the fruity IPA Spritz (a session IPA with the sweet Italian aperitif Aperol) or the flummoxing What Noise Annoys an Oyster (Bud Light with green chartreuse, a bitter French liqueur). At $10–$12, these pairings cost slightly more than others around town, but they do include something every good happy meal should have: a toy.