Best Bar to Hide in

Church & State
1236 H St NE; (202) 399-2323
Church & State’s menu proudly proclaims, “This is not a Church. D.C. is not a State.” Though that may true, as soon as you enter this bar sanctuary, you’re in a state of relaxation. The cocktails are top-notch—running the gamut from classic standbys like Gin Rickeys and Old Fashioneds to the more adventurous drinks themed around the seven deadly sins. The staff is friendly but not overly intrusive, and always happy to educate patrons about their craft without being preachy. The furnishings are salvaged from a Baltimore church, with plenty of pews-turned-booths to tuck yourself away in and curtains separating tables for maximum privacy. In this serene environment, it’s easy to forget that there are people slamming beers amid arcade games downstairs and an obnoxious streetcar clanging past outside. If you really want to get away from it all, steal yourself to the confessional room and unburden your soul.