Best Grubby Neighborhood Spot No One Thinks to Go To

Bravo Bar
2917 Georgia Ave. NW, (202) 629-2583
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Congratulations on kicking that last hangover! It’s time to repeat your mistakes. The District can often feel woefully short on authentic, laid-back neighborhood spots free of douchebags. But Bravo Bar is a place where you can sit at the bar with a friend or alone, watching a game or contemplating the vagaries of life and wondering why more eateries don’t offer a hotdog, a shot of Jim Beam, and a can of PBR for just $6. Another classic Bravo Bar activity is getting out one of its many board games, starting to play, and realizing it’s missing crucial pieces before reassembling everything back into its storage box. Do not fucking ask the bartender to change the music, no matter how many hours it’s been stuck on “The Jam” Pandora station. No assholes in sight, besides you. If a date tries to bring you here, run in any other direction.