Best Fried Chicken Sandwich

OG at Crisp Kitchen + Bar
1837 First St. NW, (202) 853-9115
Photograph by Charles Steck
Fried chicken sandwiches are everywhere these days. Aside from chains like Chick-fil-A and Shake Shack, just about every Southern-style restaurant in D.C. seems to have one on the menu. But here’s the problem, says Crisp Kitchen + Bar’s Alex McCoy: A lot of the sandwiches are pretty gimmicky. (Astro Doughnuts, for example, serves one on a doughnut with Old Bay seasoning.) McCoy says there’s no need for these distractions. “It’s just fried chicken, and it’s something everyone loves.” Crisp’s spicy Nashville hot chicken–inspired sandwich is topped with shredded lettuce, onions, pickled vegetables, and garlic mayonnaise. Really, the only thing gimmicky about this sandwich is its name. McCoy calls his sandwich the “OG” ( as in “original gangster”). And, as he explains it, “It’s what every neighborhood needs: an affordable, fried chicken sandwich that’s no fuss.” Amen.