Best Beer You Have to Hunt For

Handsome Beer Company
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Given a tsunami of new beer options in D.C., many bars switch out taps nearly as often as their bartenders change underwear (we hope). This thirst for variety means sometimes even the best beers can be difficult to track down. Take Handsome Beer’s Galaxy Saison: a light, earthy, lusciously tropical brew made with rustic Belgian yeast and citrusy Galaxy hops. Local proprietors Matt Humbard and Graham MacDonald do not yet have their own brewery. But thanks to borrowed time at one in Warrenton, Va., their beers have popped up at spots like Meridian Pint and Colony Club since the brewers’ fall launch. Die-hard fans, painfully aware of how fast Handsome kegs kick, know to follow social media for their pop-up events or try best bets like Macon Bistro or Thally. Luckily, Humbard and MacDonald plan to release additional small-batches and six-packs this spring, which means scoring their brews should be less of a treasure hunt.