Best Way to Blow $10 on a Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Bread Furst
4434 Connecticut Ave. NW, (202) 765-1200
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
We know. A 10-spot is a lot of cash to throw down for a ham and cheese sandwich, but there’s something about this jambon beurre—a simple layering of good-quality ham, Gruyere, butter, and a bit of Dijon on house-made baguette—that’s masterful in its simplicity. Not that making the perfect baguette is easy. If it were, Washingtonians wouldn’t have gotten quite so giddy when Mark Furstenberg, the Jedi master of breadmaking, opened his Van Ness bakery last May. Believe the hype. And for God’s sake, order one of their amazing lattes. You’ve already spent a Hamilton on a sandwich. What’s another $4 in the grand scheme of things?