Best Vegetarian Sandwich

The Fun Guy at Woodward Takeout Food
1426 H St. NW, (202) 347-5355
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Chomping into the Fun Guy sandwich at Woodward Takeout Food has the same meaty satisfaction as a big bite from a juicy burger—except it has no meat. Instead, this two-hander is stuffed with hearth-roasted mushrooms, sweet onions, and arugula. A trio of spreads, including goat cheese, sundried tomato paste, and garlic aioli, gives the sandwich a flavor boost. Housemade focaccia—soft and spongy on the inside, warm and slightly crisp on the outside—holds the whole mess together. Yes, it’s vegetarian, but this is not just a great “vegetarian sandwich.” It’s a great sandwich. With the Fun Guy, there’s not mushroom for error.