Best Twist on a Gin Rickey

1432 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (202) 543-2323
A traditional version of D.C.’s official cocktail can seem deceptively easy to make—it’s just gin, lime, and soda water, right? That’s technically correct, but the proportions and quality of the products are key to making a Rickey that’s not too watered down or too heavy on the citrus. While several bars in D.C. have mastered this simple recipe, I’ll point to Wisdom as the place to go for a next-level iteration. With more than 100 gins in-house, you can find variety simply by asking for a specific brand of spirit. I prefer to stick with the gins I like—New Columbia Distillers’ Green Hat and Leopold’s American Small Batch—and ask the bartender at Wisdom to put her own spin on the cocktail through a housemade shrub syrup or tonic (the berry version of the latter is my favorite). A warning: A tonic or shrub syrup in a well-made Rickey will further mask the gin, so prepare to feel pretty good then pretty terrible if you have more than two.