Best Stoner-Friendly Food Trend

There are more theories about how poutine came about than there are Southern houses where George Washington slept. But we have a theory you won’t find on Wikipedia: Dude. That guy who invented poutine? He was high. Who else could dream up a base of French fries topped with rich gravy and squeaky cheese curds? Thankfully, just in time for D.C. loosening its marijuana laws, poutine is more present than ever on local menus. On 11th Street NW, you’ve got great versions at Kangaroo Boxing Club and the Coupe. Elsewhere, the Arsenal, Bar Charley, and DGS Delicatessen serve variants of these gloriously gluttonous, smothered fries. Granted, most of these are riffs on the Canadian classic… but who cares? Stop nitpicking and pass the J.