Best Place to Eat Meat

The Partisan
709 D St. NW, (202) 524-5322
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
You haven’t truly experienced bologna until you’ve tried the Partisan’s foie gras and truffle version emulsified with brandy. What most people think of as a cheap lunch meat becomes a silky slice of heaven in the hands of meat master Nate Anda. The chef works the same magic with salami using unique infusions like Campari and rosemary, meant to mimic a Negroni. In fact, the entire charcuterie menu, featuring more than 30 types of meats presented sushi menu-style, will make you rethink your sausages, rillettes, and pâtés. You could easily make an entire meal out of the cured meats, but in case you’re craving more, chef Ed Witt has you covered with a triple stack burger, lamb ribs, a pig’s head, and more. (The menu is divided by animal.) Not even dessert escapes the meat with bacon in a fried apple pie and a walnut bourbon pie with a bacon fat crust.