Best Locally Roasted Coffee

Vigilante Coffee Company
4327 Gallatin Street, Hyattsville
Vigilante Coffee Company began in 2012 in a Trinidad rowhouse, with its coffee and beans popping up at “pop-ups” and farmers market across D.C. Now, just three years later, Vigilante has a full-scale roastery in Hyattsville, its beans are sold in retailers like Whole Foods and Yes! Organic Market, and it’s brewed at an increasing number of restaurants in the area. Vigilante will also be part of Maketto, an Asian market on H Street NE from Toki Underground chef Erik Bruner-Yang that is finally opening this month. I became familiar with Vigilante during its ascension after stopping at its stand at Eastern Market for a pour-over. This relationship grew from buying a cup every weekend to buying a bag of beans to use in my coffee maker to becoming so devoted to the stuff that I completely transformed the way I made—and appreciated—coffee. I began paying attention to the roast date. I invested money in the equipment needed to do a proper pour-over. I watched a, perhaps, ridiculous number of YouTube videos to determine if I should do a clockwise or counterclockwise pour. I now grind the beans with my own two hands, for God’s sake! I do this not only because of the beans’ cost (about $14 to $16 for a 12 oz.-bag), but because I now know what truly great coffee tastes like. D.C. is lucky enough to have a number of places that roast and sell good coffee. But no other cup has ever so profoundly changed my behavior when it comes to this, my most treasured addiction.