Best Hangover Remedy

2431 18th St NW, (202) 733-3921
After a heavy night of drinking in Adams Morgan, skip the Jumbo Slice and head straight to Bul for a bowl of hangover soup. This magic elixir is a funky-tasting fish cake soup called odeng guk, and it’s Korean comfort food for chef MyungEun Cho. There are two components to this cure for overdoing it: a dashi stock with fried anchovy, onions, radish, and kombu (dried kelp) and a fish cake du jour. If the dish leaves you asking, “Is that cod or tilapia?” that’s because it’s made with leftover fish parts from the sashimi on Bul’s menu. But seafood scraps have never tasted so good, and the soup delivers a lip-smacking, savory sensation. The single serving ($13 for a bowl) is big enough for two, but go it alone if the night included Jell-O shots at Millie & Al’s.