Best Group Meal

4220-A Annandale Road, Annandale, (703) 942-6995
As fun as it is to eat out with your five best friends, it’s a logistical nightmare to find a place that has space, fits everyone’s budget, and doesn’t involve the awkward portioning of small plates. Korean barbecue, though, is the ultimate group activity. And the best place to get it is Kogiya in Annandale. The tables with built-in grills are big enough for six people. If you have a larger party, there are two private dining rooms—one with eight seats and another with 12. The restaurant offers two all-you-can-eat combos: Option A ($23 per person) comes with fatty brisket, three types of pork belly, and spicy chicken, while Option B ($29) will appeal to a more adventurous crew with all of the above plus intestines. Best of all, Kogiya has some of the freshest and most generous arrays of banchan, those complimentary Korean snacks, like kimchi and daikon salad, that accompany a meal. Share a couple bottles of soju, and the party begins.