Best Gimmicky Cocktail

José’s Choice gin and tonic at Jaleo
Multiple locations
You don’t need to be a premier mixologist to make a good gin and tonic. Pouring gin over ice, then topping it with your preferred brand of tonic water and a squeeze of lime requires little skill, even if you fancify it by adding a dash of bitters. So why would anyone spend $14 on a cocktail so simple that you could recreate in your kitchen? In large part, because you like a production. If you order a José’s Choice gin and tonic at Jaleo, the entire spread is presented to you on a shiny tray. The wide-bottomed glass looks large enough to house a fish and inside it sit juniper berries, Makrut lime leaves, and a piece of lemon peel, as well as one large pristine ice cube to keep everything cool. In fact, the ice melts so inconspicuously that you barely notice its presence in the drink. After depositing the vessel in front of you, your server pours generously from a bottle of Hendrick’s Gin and finishes it with a small bottle of bubbly Fever-Tree tonic. The result tastes floral, slightly sour, and 10 times more refreshing than anything you make at home or order during happy hour at other spots around town. Factor in the VIP experience and the large size and the cocktail compensates for its slightly absurd price.