Best Fast Casual Restaurant

Micho’s Lebanese Grill
500 H St. NE, (202) 450-4533
The war to make burritos for office workers is over, and it’s Chipotle clutching the terms of surrender on an aircraft carrier. There’s nothing more disappointing than heading into an off-brand fast casual Mexican place, knowing even before the first bite that your money and time could have been better spent at Chipotle. (Quit while you’re behind, Lime Fresh). The only winning option for a fast casual upstart, then, is to stay as far away from Mexican as possible. Enter H Street NE’s Micho’s, whose shawarma and kebabs will make you forget carnitas even exist. Mediterranean wraps and batch production techniques make it perfectly suited for fast casual. On the side: an overstuffed bag of French fries, a la Five Guys. Plus, Micho’s puts fries in their shawarmas, turning every meal into a treasure hunt.