Best Cocktail Menu to Make You Feel Smart

Copycat Co.
1110 H St. NE, (202) 241-1952
While many people are fluent in variations of the martini (wet, dry, bone dry, dirty, etc.), few know twists on other classic cocktails or how to order them. Copycat Co., which opened on H Street NE late last year, makes it easy. One side of the menu features a cheat sheet on old-fashioneds, sours, fizzes, collins, high-balls, and other drinks with suggestions and simple, unpretentious explanations with the components of each option. At last, you can order a “perfect” Manhattan (with a combination of dry and sweet vermouth) and know what that actually means. The other side of the menu rotates with variations of other cocktails like juleps, mashes, and hot toddies. Footnotes indicate the bartenders or bars they come from. Feel free to reward your newfound booze smarts with another drink.