Best Bar to Bring a Sandwich To

1314 9th St. NW, (202) 290-1804
The balance between fancy drinks and food at bars is a tenuous one. If you want a nice cocktail, you’re likely going to find a menu filled with not-so-filling small plates. And if you want a meal that’s low-key and unfussy, your beverage options probably consist of whatever’s on draft and beer-and-shot combos. But at A&D in Shaw, you can pair your skillfully crafted cocktail with a variety of small snacks sold at the bar or you can bring in a sandwich from its sister restaurant Sundevich, located just around the corner. The unique spins on classic cocktails like dirty martinis and old fashioneds pair perfectly with Sundevich’s offerings like the spicy Kingston with jerk chicken and pineapple salsa and the hearty Milan breakfast sandwich with eggs, pancetta, and garlic mayo. With the proper sustenance, you’ll be prepared for an extended stay, whether you end up chatting with friends or starting a foosball tournament in the back room.