Best Bar at Which to Share Secrets

2 Birds 1 Stone
1800 14th St. NW
For a town that television insists is full of secrets, it’s not so easy to hold a private conversation over drinks in D.C. So many bars are so crowded or have such terrible acoustics that you can’t help but overhear how the girl next to you drunk-texted her boss at 2 a.m. or how the guy on the other side hates his roommates for refrigerating the peanut butter. Thankfully, 14th Street NW cocktail bar 2 Birds 1 Stone provides private nooks and tall booths where you can break away from the crowd and keep your discourse discrete—even when the place is packed. As an extra bonus, the cocktails are some of the best in the city. Frank Underwood and Olivia Pope would surely approve.