Best Restroom Artifact

Farmers Fishers Bakers
3000 K St. NW, (202) 298-8783
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Restaurants pay just as much attention to where you pee as what you eat these days. It’s reached the point where every new establishment seems to be one-upping the last with racy, conversation-sparking decor. But the men’s room at Farmers Fishers Bakers is truly ballsy, in every sense of the word. In an attempt to prevent guys from peeing all over the floor, the restaurant’s designer added a warning sign above the urinals—in the form of bull testicle removers. The emasculatome castrators, as they’re called, come from a local farm supply store and are fashioned together into mini-sculptures. Each has a different plaque below it, but the general message is the same: “Step closer. Don’t pee on the floor. This is a castrator you’re looking at.‚”