Best Food Freebie

Potato Bread at Rose’s Luxury
717 8th St. SE, (202) 580-8889
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The “side of awesome” is free at Rose’s Luxury. Don’t believe me? Check your bill the next time you dine there. But the real deal at this all-anyone-can-talk-about restaurant is the potato bread. It’s D.C.’s best food freebie for one very good reason: The dish will satisfy whatever hunger you might have worked up while waiting in line for a table here. This is a hearty, flakey potato loaf that comes with a side of whipped butter, topped with chives and crumbles of potato skins that look like bacon bits. It’s surprising to see a bread dish make such a big impression so early into the meal. Sadly, it may not be on the menu forever, chef Aaron Silverman says. It’s likely to be replaced by biscuits or a grilled sourdough with ricotta at some point in the not-so-distant future. Here’s hoping those pre-meal carbs are just as crave-worthy.