Best Food at Nationals Park

Traditional Nats Dog
1500 S. Capitol St. SE, (202) 675-6287
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Calculating the best food option at Nats Park requires a complex algorithm that relies on data both quantitative (price, wait time for purchase) and qualitative (taste, context, emotional satisfaction). The interminable lines at Shake Shack eliminate its juicy burgers from contention; the price of the stellar Blue Smoke fried chicken sandwich is its downfall. Inconsistency fells the stadium-brand chicken tenders, and the distance from U Street dampens excitement for options from Ben’s Chili Bowl. Nachos and Papa John’s lose on taste. Dippin’ Dots fails due to faulty premise (the future is here, and it has nothing to do with pixellated ice cream), as does Box Frites (the disconnect between baseball and Belgian cuisine is self-evident). Thus the best food at Nationals Park is the one obtained at the end of a reasonable line, the one that costs seven bucks with chips and a soda, the one that screams “baseball” and tastes just fine: the hot dog.